Inside Archery Magazine's 2016 ATA Trade Show Review Featuring Precision Peeps

We were fortunate enough to meet the great team behind Inside Archery and Bow Hunt America, at ATA 2016. They noticed our booth was hopping, and wanted to get an inside look at exactly how Precision Peeps are helping bow hunters and archery enthusiasts to achieve more consistent and accurate results.  

Well, fast forward to the end of the show, I mean the very end... (unless of course you just want to read our the full feature article "Industry 5Q: Precision Peeps", then just scroll down to the end of this post). 

Winking at a Girl in the Dark

We were at the airport waiting to fly back to Colorado with the Zebra Publishing team when Sherry Krenz and I got to chatting about Precision Peeps, the ATA show and the challenges of promoting a new product within such a competitive industry. In the midst of our discussion I forgot that I was facing backwards on a moving walkway—no clue that I was nearing the end of the line. Just as I was about to fall completely on my rear-end, Sherry reached out and grabbed me! (I’m just grateful, I didn’t take her down with me!) I wont soon forget the close call, but, what really struck me about our conversation, (aside from my gratitude for not making a complete fool out of myself) was a simple insight that Sherry offered:

“Getting your product out there without advertising is like trying to wink at a girl in the dark”. - Sherry Krenz

Just think about it… makes a whole lot of sense! But here we were, fresh off our first ATA, feeling good and WHAT?! Spend more money on advertising? Anyone who has been an exhibitor at a BIG show like ATA, knows how much time, energy, thought, and ahem… money, go into preparing your booth. How far were we prepared to go with advertising and promotion to get the word out about our innovative front site peep?

         Turning On The Light Switch                     

Not long after ATA, Sherry's words came back to me when I received a call from Jennifer Kruger at Inside Archery. She said that they would like to feature Precision Peeps in the March edition of the Industry 5Q. We were blown away! We knew we had to take advantage of such a great opportunity! After all, I’ve devoured that feature in every issue of the magazine and this was a great opportunity for us to promote our bow products . But, let's just say, I had no idea what we were in for…

Inside Archery's Jennifer Krueger takes a photo with Kristen and Bastiaan Wolf (owners of Precision Peeps) at ATA 2016.

Inside Archery's Jennifer Krueger takes a photo with Kristen and Bastiaan Wolf (owners of Precision Peeps) at ATA 2016.

The Industry 5Q is a full-page feature found on the last page of each issue of Inside Archery. It consists of 5 questions and answers about you and the journey of your company in the archery trade. We were honored to be approached by Jennifer, but this put us on a deadline, so Bas and I needed to complete the answers over the next week.

Inside Archery is the premier publication for trade members

Inside Archery is the premier publication for trade members

Easier Said Than Done 

What happens when you put an English teacher and your marketing person (me) together to write answers to these questions… and did I also mention they are HUSBAND & WIFE?! Many, many hours, drafts, a couple of not so pretty conversations, followed by more drafts and editing, followed by heated conversations, more drafts, compromise, and finally the finished product… Okay, we actually went ten rounds on almost every single word choice, but that’s what happens when you start a company with your spouse and are deeply passionate about it.

Here's one excerpt from the article:

Q: Do you have a philosophy that defines how you run your business?
A: Keep it simple. It’s an old saying everyone knows, but sometimes people tend to over complicate innovation. 'Keep it simple' works for our peep and it works for our company. We enjoy talking with customers and retailers and hearing their stories. If one of our retailers wants peeps, we send them on time. If someone has questions, we take time to answer them. There aren’t any games or gimmicks to our peep, and there aren’t any when we deal with people. We like building relationships, so we keep it simple and we keep it honest. Part of that honesty translates into our desire to give back to the archery world, so we donate a lot of our youth-model peeps to shops that sponsor youth teams

We walked away from Inside Archery article experience with a better appreciation for Precision Peeps, each other, and the value of advertising. After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime, the article was published in the March 2016 issue. You can view our complete Q&A by downloading the Inside Archery App here, or by scrolling to the bottom :

Free Stuff is AWESOME

I highly recommend this app for anyone in the industry. It’s a great way to take all of that industry news on the go with you. And it’s free! Free! How can you not download it? Did I mention that the magazine came out that weekend that Outdoor Visions posted about us on Facebook and all of a sudden everyone wanted to know about Precision Peeps, and life got crazy? But that’s a blog post for another day…=)

Finally, the Industry 5Q with Precision Peeps!

We are truly honored that Sherry Krenz and the team thought to present this opportunity to us. Please be sure to visit  Inside Archery  online at for the latest industry news.

We are truly honored that Sherry Krenz and the team thought to present this opportunity to us. Please be sure to visit Inside Archery online at for the latest industry news.

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