Video: Installing Your Precision Peep Sight

The Precision Post Should Be Blurry (but not too blurry)

Before we can really get into the nitty-gritty of installing your Precision Peep, we should talk about placement. Our eyes are very complicated instruments and not meant to focus on mulitple things at a time. When you draw back, the post will become a thin shadow line that you can see, but see through, for a nice open sight picture.

If it's too blurry, it's too close to your eye and if it's too solid it will block your sight picture. This is almost impossible to photograph because our eyes are so complex.

The image on the left shows what your post and pin should look like when you draw back.

The image on the left shows what your post and pin should look like when you draw back.

The image on the left shows the post becoming blurry or like a shadow line, and what would be your pin, is in focus. The post will look more akin to the middle picture if it's either installed too far from your eye, OR you are focusing on the post instead of looking beyond it. Our post should NOT be the focus of your sight picture, but instead something to reference to help you find that center more quickly, more consistently, and keep you from torquing during your shot. The picture on the right, well...that's impossible because our eyes don't work that way.

Shouldn't The Peep Be Installed Exactly Where My Old Peep Was?

Yes, and no. When we talk about moving your Precision Peep sight further or closer to your eye, we are talking ever so slight adjustments. So it is very possible that it will be a hair or two off from your the placement of your previous peep sight. Adjusting the peep height a touch further up will help some archers see the post more easily.

Precision Peep Sight Installation Video

Have you ever wondered the best way to install a peep sight? While there are several ways to go about installation, I will say, everyone who has tried Shannon's peep installation method has been blown away by the results. This video is a MUST watch. Yes, 11 minutes can change your life!

You Can Always Install Your Peep Sight Upside Down

Lou Novak, of  Hitmen Canada, Brotherhood of the Hunt  was kind enough to share this photo with us.

Lou Novak, of Hitmen Canada, Brotherhood of the Hunt was kind enough to share this photo with us.

Why would you install your peep upside down? We are all different creatures who have our own aiming habits, and hunting scenarios. While our post does act like a level in that it gives you all of that information about torque right at your eye, some people still like to have that level there as a reference and have found installing it upside down helps. Others, like to place their post top down onto their pin. We say, do what works best for you!

Avoiding The Dreaded Peep Sight Creep

Ugh....creep is awful and it happens to all of us at some point in our lives. If it's happening with your Precision Peep, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How new are my strings?

Strings take awhile to break-in. After the break-in period of 50-100 shots, if your peep is creeping, then re-installing will fix the problem. If your strings are older, and haven't been replaced in several years well...they might be too old. Old, worn strings will stretch out. If you think that might be the problem, this is an excellent video...


2. Is my D-loop in line with the post before I draw back?

Lining up your D-Loop with the post prior to drawing back will make sure your peep draws back straight.

3. Before I draw back, are the grooves on each side of the peep at the same spot?

Often times, when someone comes to us with a creep issue, a simple, small adjustment on either side of the peep sight is all that is needed to make that post straight.

4. Are there the same amount of twists in the string on each side?

It is very possible that during installation your strings managed to untwist on one side or the other.

5. Still twisting?

Please email us! We love to help, and believe me, we've talked people through it all. Clicking HERE will take you to our About Us page and there is an email form near the bottom.


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