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Video: Do My Anchor Points Move When I Use A Precision Peep Sight?

 Will my anchor point move when I'm trying to use my further distance pins?

When you are visualizing using a Precision Peep, it's easy to think that would be the case. But your anchor point does not move. Say you were using your longest distance pin set at 60 yards. You would want that distance pin to be centered in your peep sight. So you would move your riser to make that happen, right? Well, when you use the post, which comes to the center of the peep sight, you can be absolutely positive that pin is centered in your peep sight. 

I think I'll just let Justin do the explaining; he's better at it than I am! 

Warning! This Video From Pro Staffer Justin D. McCoy Uses Lollipops, A Paper Plate Peep Sight, and a turkey decoy fondly referred to as "Strutter".

So here's a walk and talk thru how to use a Precision Peep.

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