Precision Peeps Make you Better.

Two reference points right on the bow. Sure, an exact anchor point perfected under perfect conditions at the range is a wonderful thing, but can you hit that anchor point every time from a tree stand, or blind, or rough terrain? Two reference points on the bow, aligned with your arrow, greatly reduce the margin for error found in traditional peeps. In real-life hunting situations, when your tag is on the line and it’s the last day of the season, are you willing to bank filling the freezer on the corner or your mouth? The string next to your nose? Or do you want the confidence of knowing exactly where your arrow is headed?



CNC – Machined from 7000 series aluminum for lightweight strength



The 5/16" aperture allows for a clearer field of view


Increases accuracy in targeting effective kill zones and targets



Bright material is visible in low-light situations, and ensures proper alignment


Simplifies aiming making your shot quicker and more accurate



Focusing on the target has never been easier to achieve


Discover the Advantages of Precision Peeps

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Benefits of Precision Peeps


The Precision Peep is gonna give you a whole bunch of feedback about your shot. If you’ve got torque, the post will help you see it. Shaking too much to put your pin on your post? Your draw weight or draw length is too high, time to take your baby into the shop. Wait?! Your Precision isn’t drawing back straight? Your strings have either stretched too much or you have one twist too many or not enough. Time to see your friendly bow tech. Why does this matter? Each one of those things is going to help dial-in your bow, your consistency, your accuracy... so you will be ready for that hunt of a lifetime.

No Twist

Line up your D-loop with the post before drawing back and you will have a straight draw every time. No worn out tubing to pull on your string or snap at that crucial moment. No twist when you need to take that vital shot. No worries.

Anchor Points

When you envision using the post, it might feel like you would have to move your anchor. But nope. It stays the same as it always has. Because to get those further distance pins, you are moving the bow, not your anchor, just like you always have.

Of course a consistent anchor point will always promote good form, but in a treestand or blind, you can’t always have that same form or angle. But the real beauty of the post is that both of your reference points are part of the bow and are attached to your bow at the exact same place as your arrow. The 5/16 aperture is big enough that even between a 20 yard pin and a 100 yard pin, when you move your riser up to align the post with a longer distance pin, you’ll still have a wide open sight picture. Don’t believe us? Ask our Pro Staff who are winning tournaments with 80 and 100 yard shots.