All of my clients love them, and all of my bow builds will have Precision Peeps installed as standard equipment.
— Steve Webber (Owner - Top Shot Archery, IL)
Precision Peeps have made me ten times better than I could have dreamed of!
— Evan Fox
Had one of your units installed and guess what?! I hit where I wanted. I am sold!
— Erin Kelly (Prairie Assassins, AB, Canada)
This was the one product that really wowed me at ATA (2016).
— Dominick Araco (Owner, Woodbridge Arms and Archery, NJ)
Evolution and genius born of simple things. I love it (my Precision Peep). Honestly, I think everything is perfect.

— Rodolfo Monje Robles (Spain)
As a first-time archer, the Precision Peep made it very easy to be accurate right away. It reminded me of the iron sights on a rifle.
— Michael Pauly (CO)
They (Precision Peeps) make an ingenious peep that helps increase your accuracy immediately. Definitely a must have.
— Stephen Oliberos (HI)
Truly makes sense to have a second reference point to line up your shot. It’s similar to sights on a rifle. Rear sight. Front sight. Gonna make you more accurate.
— Brent (Coach, USA Archery Level 3-NTS)
The first time I shot with a Precision Peep I saw an instant improvement in my shot.
— Mike Cestia (USMC)
I noticed a tighter group instantly and I was able to increase my effective shooting distance! I love the Precision Peeps! Thank y’all for making this thing! I can’t wait to buy my wife one!!
— Justin Polasek (USMC, Retired, TX)
I am very impressed with the way it works… I did shoot in low light with it and it worked very well, saw my lighted pins well and the target at my indoor range from 30 yards. Overall, I personally really like the concept and performance of the Precision Peep, I will be stocking these in Watson’s Outdoors soon!
— Jewell Watson (Owner - Watson's Outdoors, KY)
I feel that any product that gives the hunter any advantage is a no-brainer. After reading about Precision Peeps I feel that this is one of those products. You don’t even have to try the product to understand how it works and why it would benefit you as a bow hunter. I made one adjustment to my sight after installing my new peep and the rest was history. I hit dead center of the bull, it couldn’t have been any better of a shot.
— Cliff Sison (HI)